At Last! Something useful to do with Second Life! Brilliant!


I’ve dabbled in Second Life, but couldn’t find much to do that had lasting enjoyment. After I toured around looking at everyone’s nifty creations, I realized all the neat stuff had to be purchased from someone. Blah.

In case you missed it, SL is one of the few other MMORGS that has Mac and PC clients. It cost $10 to join for life and you can build nearly anything in-game.

Anyway, I found this article (see below.) Apparently some guilds discovered that SL is a great place to plan raids (see the screenshot below) like a war room. It’s a pretty sexy idea. Add Vent and that’s a pretty dynamic remote planing tool.

Which brings me to my point there’s a point?. What if Guilds used SL for guild halls? You all get together and buy some of their virtual land. Build a structure you like (the sky is literally the limit.) Post text from DKP’s and bank inventory for people to see. Hold meetings. Plan Raids and BG campaigns.

I know you could just get one of the free guild web sites, but none of them are interactive at this level plus you get to fly. This could be fun and add to the guild value.

At Last! Something useful to do with Second Life!: “Sean Bonner:

Planning WoW instances in SL

I’ve written before about my less than glowing feelings about Second Life. I’ve got friends who practically live there, and guildies who spend tons of time on their own island but everytime I check it out I leave disappointed and wondering ‘ok, so… ?’ Well, some folks on the alliance side of We K(no)W finally figured out something useful to do there – plan raids during Tuesday downtime. Above is my Avatar standing on the UBRS map with a few notations. I’ll admit I only lasted a few minutes in there again this time, but at least it was interesting finally!

(Via Metroblogging Azeroth.)

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