Eeek patch 1.12.1 issues are already being noted

What were you thinking??Well reports are rolling in for patch 1.12.1 – for such a little update number, the headaches are hitting end game players hardest.

It turns out that the new rules for riding have unexpected loop holes. The plan was for riding skills to go up in value and cost while mounts when down in cost. If you already had an epic mount, you get grandfathered in. As it turns out, if you are level 59, they are screwed. oops.

More disconcerting the new bug for Raid members. If you are on a raid and get disconnected for any reason, you return to your hearthstone location instead of the raid. ouch.

Never thought I’d be grateful to be a solo player with a wimpy mount. sigh. go Blizzard

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One Response to “Eeek patch 1.12.1 issues are already being noted”

  1. Eyrie Says:

    Not just Raid members. It happened last night in ZF, when one of my mid-level guildmates was booted offline, and put back at his hearth location.