What’s in a faction?

rep or faction - what's it to you?Recently I was attempting to do the Gelkis Clan Centaur quests in Desolace. These quests are nice because there are nearly no one to interfere with you and the experience is pretty decent as you do a quick grind on one faction or the other.

This got me to thinking about factions though. If you’ve made it to level 60, then you know about Argent Dawn faction rewards, or Cenarion Circle rewards, or some of the others. The thing that struck me is how few factions are diametrically opposed to one another.

This idea was punctuated by a recent forum post from a representative of the Bloodsale Buccaneers. They want a different quest line and city for an opposing faction. This would really give WOW a whole new dimension.

OK, so some of their demands fall in the category of ‘typically ludicrous forum rantings.’ On the other hand imagine this scenario: You start out neutral with two factions and follow different quest lines to achieve increased reputation with one group and decreased reputation with the other. Once you’ve achieved a high enough standing with a group, you get to buy special items and learn skills for that faction only. Naturally you would not be welcome in the other opposing faction’s village/town, but it would really add another dimension of play.

Imagine if an elf defected to the Taurens. He would no longer be welcome in Darnasus and could no longer use Alliance flight paths. On the other hand he might be the first elf to visit the Undercity.

Maybe that’s a little extreme, but there are lots of npc villages and groups that could have rivalries. Just look at the Timbermaw Furbolg of Azshara and Felwood. They have some cool rewards, if you are willing to go to absurd lengths. More factions like this would really add depth to the game. Just trim back some of the grind for the lower levels of reputation please.

What do you think?

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