What do you think of Patch 2.0.1?

I only had about 40 minutes to mess with it, so I concentrated on my level 39 druid. I was surprised to see that I had 30 talent points to use, which would put me just shy of any really cool talents like Moonkin form. I put most of the points into the Balance tree.

The new talents bumped up my damage from thorns and entangle, which was nice. Lunar Guidance (when maxed) increased my spell damage and healing by 35% of my Intelligence (which was nice).

My Sense is that they tried to make each talent tree more distinct with less cross over. I’m a little disappointed since the Restoration talent tree pretty much locks you into being a healer for a raid – not recommended for solo play.

Other patch notes:
When I fired up the game, I was standing in the Badlands. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that two of my abilities were missing from the button bar. When they reset my talents, they deleted my talent based spells. That’s money down the drain (sigh).

Oddly, the game felt like it ran a little faster on my old G4 PowerBook. This may be due to the fact that the patch killed all my addons. As soon as I compile a list of compatible addons, that I like, I’ll post links.

One final note: Blizzards web jockeys have the wrong talent tree calculator on the main site. Here is a link to the current one.

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One Response to “What do you think of Patch 2.0.1?”

  1. jcdeagan Says:

    I think that 2.0.1 was a great patch for us Mac users. The speed increase you’re seeing is probably due to the way that the OpenGL is being handled now, especially if you’re on an Intel Mac (like my 20-inch dual core Intel iMac 🙂 )

    Even after putting all 51 points back in my mage, I’m going to respec again just a couple days later so that I can get the water elemental.