Ain’t that a shame…

Picture 1.jpgDid you hear? The guild, ‘Goon Squad’ on the realm Mal’Ganis took two Alliance flight masters hostage. I’m trying to figure out how they kept them after kiting them to Bael’Dun Keep in the southern Barrens.

This turned out the be a brilliant hostage situation on a PVP server. Sadly, the GM’s killed the flight masters before the full-tilt battle started.

Sounded cool 🙂

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2 Responses to “Ain’t that a shame…”

  1. joeg Says:

    Well done by the good squad, it’s a shame the GM stepped in rather then letting world pvp settle things. Horrible move, blizz.

  2. Kurn Says:

    No kidding. I would have loved to see how that pans out.

    I think Bliz was worried about people who payed to play, but forget that it’s play.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts 🙂