[FYI] The Burning Crusade: Now Available for Download!

The Burning Crusade: Now Available for Download!: “Everyone demanded it, it is now available. You can now download the entire installation and upgrade your account for The Burning Crusade online.

All you need to do is:
1. Login to Account Management on the World of Warcraft – Accounts Management Page
2. Click The Burning Crusade ‘Download Now’ button
3. Enter your credit card information
4. Follow the link to download The Burning Crusade game client

Easy cheesy! If you didn’t buy it out of the box or from a retailer, I don’t think I would really be too excited about downloading 4 CDs over Blizzards bandwidth. Save the trouble and buy it from the store, if you can. Just imagine downloading a 2GB patch. But, at any rate, if you have visited the World of Warcraft main site, you’re directed to the download section so you can get your copies.”

(Via WoW.Azzor.com RSS.)

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