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This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever been attacked from behind and wished they could see behind them. This is specially true for solo players.

Notice in the picture below, how small the toon is in the center. This is because Blizzard quietly added a feature to push the camera further back. This lets you see people attacking from behind. It also let’s you do a top town view (ala Warcraft or Diablo) that is very informative.

exhibat a

Exhibit A

How do you do it?
1. Go to Options and click on Interface.



2. Click on Camera. Move the ‘Max Camera Distance’ slider to the right.

Camera settings

Camera settings

3. Click Okay and click Return to Game.

Now when you zoom in and out with your camera, you  will get a wider view of the action.

Note: if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use that to zoom in an out. If you have one of the recent notebooks you can use the two-finger scroll on the track pad to zoom in and out. Try it, it really helps your situational awareness.


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