Rogue is pretty fun

Need helpMy rogue is a level 27 Gnome named Torkywingnut. 🙂

I recently started the Ravenholdt quest line. It started off being intriguing and mysterious. Then I read the wiki article and my heart sank. Despite being a neat intro to the idea of a thieves guild, the wiki article makes is sound pretty half-baked with no real reward (unless you want the Insane in the Membrane achievement).

I’m disappointed that Blizzard would put something like this in and abandon it. Which makes me think the old world needs some love.

I realize that Blizzard needs to build new areas to sell expansions. I’ve also heard rumblings that they are losing subscribers. Weekends don’t feel as crowded to me. Below is a moderately thoughtful list of changes to revitalize the old world and bring players back.

1. Make travel from Northrend and Outland easier. How about more portals from the old world?

2. Put some new quests in the old world – new characters still start there

3. Let max level players earn a new kind of emblem for mentoring lower level chars through the old world – let them earn legacy items that their alts can use 🙂

4. Pill in gaps in the old world so flying mounts could be used. Put some level 65+ quests in the new high altitude area. Cloud Castles and big giants.

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