About Kurn/Eillebill

Welcome to WOWszer.com, I created this site because there are a lot of Mac users who love to play World of Warcraft.

I’ve been a Mac user since 1986 and i’ve owned at least 8 10 Macs in my life. My current rig is G4 Titanium PowerBook, but you know i’m itching to get my hands on a MacBook Pro. I’ve added a 20″ 2GHz iMac – and I love it.

What’s your rig?

If you are WOW player, you may have noticed that the game gets a bit PC centric as you get closer to level 60. First of all, some of the really cool ad-ons use pc executible installers. (sigh) Second of all, most raids use voice chat that requires a client that is not consistently Mac-friendly. [update: this has gotten a little better – right?]

I want to change all this. I want to test software that affects play and work with developers to test and improve software that works with the Mac.

In the future, it would be great to interact with Blizzard’s Mac developers and use their input to take this site further for our readers.

[Update: I’ve moved over to my NE Druid (Eillebill) – I love the flexibility. It’s great for us folks who want it all.]

– Kurn

kurn at wowszer.com


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