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Oops…bad computer

Monday, October 6th, 2008

So this weekend, I had aspired to performing a number of speech tests. Unfortunatly, my iMac had a conniption and I had to reload the hard drive. Sigh.

I spent about a day and a half reloading tons of stuff. My download folder is gone. Lots of fun stuff there.

My birthday was Sunday, so I managed to get online and visit with some nice folks. We all waited to do a run in the Underbog, but we could not get the group together. Oh well. 🙂

I got an iPod touch 2g 16GB – I’ll be posting and commenting on the wow apps i’ve found soon 🙂


Kurn out!

Finally, WOW love for the iPhone – no really

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

OMG! They ( made a cool little app for the iPhone. It’s like Armory for you iPhone. It even works with an iPod touch (big hint to any birthday gift givers). How cool is that?

Check you or your PUG’s gear, overall spec, and basic stats on the fly using Warcraft Characters. Simply enter a character’s name and you’re seconds away from viewing robust information from Blizzard’s Armory! – their site

(more screens availalbe at the site)

Best of all it’s free from the iPod store.

Note from management: we do not get anything for this mention, we just think it’s super cool.

WoW on iPhone?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Again, people dreaming about WOW on the iPhone. Notice that this guy realizes how a problem that would be. He’s concentrating on the processor, which I ignored before, but the gut still says ‘no way.’

WoW on iPhone?: “

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iPhone World is reporting on an anonymous tip from a ‘reliable source’ that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone will run WoW:

  • The Source said, ‘watch out for the iPhone and their new video iPod when it comes to gaming. Imagine playing WOW on them using the touch screen interface. Think of the impact its going to have on the handheld game market and Apple’s revenue.’
  • He/she said He/she was told that WOW on the iPhone worked with both WiFi and EDGE (without simultaneous phone use) and full multi-tasking with 3G in the future. New iPod will utilize WiFi.

My instincts say ‘no’ on this one. I don’t know much about the iPhone’s ARM11 processor, but I’d be surprised if even the most powerful of phone CPUs could render a game like WoW playably. And even if it could, would you really want to play on a screen that size? Heck, I had enough trouble on my old laptop’s 12′. Furthermore, I believe Blizz have said that they think a keyboard and mouse are essential for playing WoW, when giving reasons for not porting the game to consoles. But enough baseless speculation. Does anybody know about that ARM11 CPU? Let me know in the comments if this is impossible or merely unlikely.

P.S. The above image isn’t evidence of WoW on iPhone, it’s just a quick Photoshop.

(Via WOW Insider.)

Play WoW on Apple’s iPhone?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

You know, I covered this back in February. It seems damn unlikely. The game is tricky enough with a mouse and keyboard. These people are clearly high.

Play WoW on Apple’s iPhone?: “Sean Bonner:


There’s a pretty crazy story on iPhone World claiming to have confirmation that the iPhone will run WoW. No, like, for realz. From the story:

…Imagine playing WOW on them using the touch screen interface. Think of the impact its going to have on the handheld game market and Apple’s revenue.’

I tried to get more on WOW but all I could get was ‘Steve goes big and WOW is as big as they come when it comes to on-line games.’

…was told that WOW on the iPhone worked with both WiFi and EDGE (without simultaneous phone use) and full multi-tasking with 3G in the future. New iPod will utilize WiFi.

I saw this story over on WoW Insider where they are a little skeptical. I’m a LOT skeptical, and in fact am calling BS on the whole thing. I know people with Mac laptops that can’t run WoW, no way this thing will be able to. As awesome as it would be, I just can’t see it happening. And the touch screen controls would SUCK for playing WoW. You’d need some kind of bluetooth keyboard, and if you have that why not just use a laptop? That said, what would be awesome would be if some elements were accessible, perhaps you couldn’t fight mobs or PvP, but checking mail, auction house, or working on trade skills seems a little more doable. I guess we’ll have to wait and see but my guess is no way.

(Via Metroblogging Azeroth.)

A slice of Mac Cell Phone slickness

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

If you saw/lusted after the iPhone, then you saw ‘the first list of your phone messages.’

While this feature look very cool, why wait? found an existing solution that works as a widget on your desktop. It’s fun and cool.

Check it out.

I Phone … the future of wow?

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

iPhone By now the iPhone has derailed the train of thought for many a web surfer. Heck Cisco was suing Apple over trademark infringement hours after it was announced. Now that’s success. Or at least great free press.
The iPhone promises desktop quality Internet and iPod quality media in the palm of your hand. Not bad.
If you were paying attention, you might have noticed that this sexy beast runs OS X and it supports wifi and bluetooth.

Sooo, what if you could setup a fold-out bluetooth keyboard and mouse so you could play WOW on your phone. I think the 8 Gig model could handle it. The screen would be tiny but it’s 160 dpi so it would be sharp. I don’t know what the processor speed is, but based on the keynote demo video, I’m betting it’s pretty fast.
Just an idea for the ultimate WOW freak out there. What do you think?


Update: Steve Jobs has announced that no apps will be added to the iPhone without the Apple A-OK – so I’m guessing that my little pipe-dream is a crack-pipe-dream. sigh.

(In case you care) Apple iPhone to be Cingular-exclusive at launch

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Freakin AppleIf you are still jonesing for an iPhone, looks like Cingular is part of the package.

Apple iPhone to be Cingular-exclusive at launch: “Apple and Cingular have signed an agreement that will make the US’ largest cell phone provider the exclusive carrier of Apple’s forthcoming phone, sources report. Apple’s iPhone remains on track for an early 2007 release.

(Via Think Secret.)

Apple iPhone Rumor Update – January ’07 Release

Monday, September 18th, 2006

There may be no fact here at all, but I still had to wipe the drool from my chin. That is the skinniest phone/ipod I’ve ever seen. Wait we’ve never seen one before?!

Apple iPhone Rumor Update – January ’07 Release: “

• Three models in ’07, one in January at Macworld
• 3-megapixel camera
• 2.2-inch screen
• iTunes integration, no 100 song limit
• Made from off-the-shelf parts
Previous rumors

Sources: Apple phone on track for early ’07 [Think Secret]

(Via Gizmodo.)

Phun Philled Phoney

Thursday, September 14th, 2006


The kids over at have procured a mockup of and Apple iTunes/iPod phone due out in the distant future.

What do you think of this crazy gadget?