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You can drive…

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
Need a ride

Need a ride?

Now that WOW 3.2 is out level 20 characters can buy mounts. This looks like an effort by Blizzard to speed up the level grind at mid range 20-40. Getting to a quest destinations faster can really speed things along. The low level mounts cost 4 gold and move you 60% faster than walking. You will also need Apprentice Riding skill.

If you use carbonite, the quest coloring on the maps really speeds things up. Also the 3.2 update makes the quest log two panes for easier browsing . Nice.

OnyX – it’s not Dragon…

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

OnyX is a handy utility to clean up all the excess cache files and junk that accumulates on your hard drive. If your Mac has been running slow, this could be the cure. Best of all it’s free.

p.s it does other cool things too 😉

OnyX is a maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility for Mac OS X. It allows you to run miscellaneous tasks of system maintenance, to configure certain hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, Safari, Dashboard, Exposé, Disk Utility… to delete cache, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, to see the detailed info of your configuration, to preview the different logs and CrashReporter reports, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: there are different versions of OnyX for 10.2, 10.3, & 10.4 – check the download page to get the right version.

I confess: I’m not a HW weenie

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

I was looking for loot to share with you on the WOW message boards when I came across this rave about the 24″ 2.16GHz iMac.

As i started to read it, various posters got more and more into the nitty-gritty of memory use, Roseta emulation, and processing times. I found myself yawning. sorry. I realize that this site is currently the only source for Mac WOW news, and I’m trying to get you relevant info so you don’t have to spend your day trolling through boring stuff.

If you have requests or suggestions, leave a comment and I’ll do the leg work.

Summary of Video Card Options for PPC Macs – make WOW go faster

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Need helpPiril posted a long FAQ on the Mac WOW forums about Video Card Options for PPC Macs.

If you own a PPC Mac and want to get a bit more life out of it before the inevitable upgrade to an Intel Mac, you should read this. This thread is definitely the place to visit before laying out any dinero.

PowerPC OpenGL tweak

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Tigerclaw - BlizzardTigerclaw (one of the Mac support guru’s at Blizzard) has posted a detailed description of how to improve frame rates on PPC Macs. This is considered beta, but I’ll test it and let you know if it works and if so, how well it works. If you try it, please post a comment for others.

Under patch 1.12.1, you can enable an optional feature which we consider to be in a “beta” form, to smooth out frame rates on PowerPC systems a bit.

It is simple to do, and easy to turn off if you run into problems – though if you do, we would like to hear from you. We have tested this on some systems here but it has not yet gone through a full compatibility test suite, so engage at your own risk (the worst case outcome would be, if it doesn’t work, just remove the file described below from your home/Library/Preferences folder to return WoW to normal operation).

This setting is not recommended for Intel systems – they use a better mode of operation and do not need this tweak. Also, this is only recommended for PowerPC systems that have more than 512MB of RAM, as it may use a few extra megabytes of memory – but try it if you like anyway.

Here is how you set it up. Make sure you do not have WoW running first.

A. copy the three lines of text below onto your clipboard (select then hit Command-C). The first line is the “cat” command, the last line has the “4” on it.

cat > ~/Library/Preferences/com.blizzard.Internal.prefs
#Current User\Internal\VBBMODE

B. open (in Applications/Utilities) and it should provide you with a UNIX command prompt. What we’re going to do is paste the text in above, which will ask the command line to create a file in your preferences directory named “com.blizzard.Internal.prefs”, and will inject the two lines of text after it into that file. We’re asking WoW to use “vertex buffer broker mode 4” which is the new code for PowerPC systems.

C. Paste the copied text into Terminal. (Command V).
D. Now hit Control-D (not Command-D). Control-D concludes the command we started in step C and closes the file.

E. All done ! Start WoW and see how it runs.

If you run into trouble or have questions, you can post here or email us at

If you Digg – Digg this. Dual Quad-Core’s in a Mac Pro

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Want to play WOW faster? Try this…(oh yeah, bring your checkbook)

The Apple News That Got Buried: “Apple’s Showtime event was all well and good, but the big news today was on They found that the two dual-core CPUs in the Mac Pro were not only removable, but that they were able to insert two quad-core Clovertown CPUs. OS X recognized all eight cores and it worked fine!”

(Via digg / Apple.)

This doesn’t mean I sold out…

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

.mac account cheaperActually I sold out a long time ago. But that’s besides the point. Amazon let me setup a store full of cool WOW/Mac stuff and some of it is discounted pretty good.

This seemed like a great way to say thanks to all our visitors and help pay the rent. You don’t have to buy anything, just check it out 🙂

I’d love to know what you think 🙂

Oh yeah click here or the link on the right ->

Looky Here: Mac minis Get Speed Bump, Too

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

So Apple has updated its iMacs and its minis today. Not a real surprise since everyone else updated their hardware to Core Duo 2 this week. I’m guessing Apple just didn’t want to compete with everyone else for air time. This does pose one interesting question: if they announce this now, what’s the big fuss about for September 12???

Looky Here: Mac minis Get Speed Bump, Too: “

mac_mini_two_shot.jpgWhile everyone was all distracted by Apple’s upgrade of its iMacs to Core 2 Duo status and 24-inchatude, the Mac minis were also given a speed bump, eliminating the Core Solo once and for all. Good.

Now both minis are sporting shiny Intel Core Duo processors, with the $799 mini using a 1.83GHz Core Duo, up from the 1.66GHz Core Duo it was using before. The lesser $599 model abandoned that wussy 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo and graduated to the 1.66GHz chip that its more powerful bro possessed until today.

Call us bratty, but we’re thinking it’s too bad the Cupertino clan didn’t offer at least one mini with a Core 2 Duo.

Product Page [Apple]

iSync plug-in 3.2.3 supports new Sone Ericsson phones

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

This is great news if you have a fancy cell phone and want to make it play nice with iSync. Go check it out… (tip: make sure it works with your phone before paying the $13.)

iSync plug-in 3.2.3 supports new Sone Ericsson phones: “Posted by Dennis Sellers

nova media has released nova media phone plug-in 3.2.3 featuring iSync compatibility for Sony Ericsson K510i and Z550i mobile phones.

The list of new devices now supports more than 43 mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, BenQ-Siemens and Sony Ericsson, allowing synchronization of calendar and contact data with Mac OS X…

Pathfinder: a great tool – the next evolution in file managment

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Picture 13.pngIf your a Mac user, and you probably are if you’re reading this, you probably realize that there are times when the finder isn’t quite the fantastic tool you’d like it to be.

In fact, the Finder hasn’t really come that far in the last decade. Apple’s been taking baby steps. The lads over at have really done quite a job.

If you dig Unix, if you like Filebuddy, if you use Graphic Converter for thumbnail galleries – get it all with so much more. Pathfinder is great for these tasks and a lot more. It gives you tons more control over Spotlight searches and filtering your folders.

The current version is 4.5. I explored 4.1 and my only complaint was that it was kind of slow. Well 4.5 is faster and seems to run quite smoothly.

One of the features that I really like is the Drop Stack. At first it seemed like a useless addition, but when I got the hang of it, I fell in love. Basically you can visit any folder and drag a collection of items to the Drop Stack. Go all over your computer or network doing this, then drag the group icon from the Drop Stack to your target. It follows the same rules as the Finder and copies or moves everything. It’s like a smart temporary folder. You should really try it.

If you are constantly tinkering with your WOW folder like I am, then you will love the bookmark bar (ala Safari) that lets you drag a any folder or volume to a bar at the top of the window. You also get a shelf on the left side of the screen just like the Finder’s for easy access to favorite items.

I can’t speak for all Mac users, but I’m a very visual person. Another feature that I like, is Pathfinder’s scale slider for icons. It let’s me blow up thumbnails for art and then slide things back down to a manageable scale.

The list of very useful features could go on and on. However, I would suggest you download it and give it a try. The program looks and runs great. These guys really kept an eye on the details. The help is simple and to the point. I would rate this program as Extremely Useful.

Check it out and tell us what you think.