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You can drive…

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
Need a ride

Need a ride?

Now that WOW 3.2 is out level 20 characters can buy mounts. This looks like an effort by Blizzard to speed up the level grind at mid range 20-40. Getting to a quest destinations faster can really speed things along. The low level mounts cost 4 gold and move you 60% faster than walking. You will also need Apprentice Riding skill.

If you use carbonite, the quest coloring on the maps really speeds things up. Also the 3.2 update makes the quest log two panes for easier browsing . Nice.

Holly Walmart Batman!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Need helpThat’s right old chum. In my new fangled effort to reclaim my lost WOW heritage, I decided that I needed the expansion pack.

Maybe you’ve heard of it: Burning Crusade. It has a good reputation among players.

Apparently it has flying mounts. About time Blizzard!

What’s that you say? It’s been out for nearly a year? Oh I see.

…Anyway. For the three of you who have not already purchased the expansion, it’s on sale at Walmart for 20 silver (er, I mean $20). That’s $10 less than Blizzard charge to download it. (Walmart controls the world.)

Eeek patch 1.12.1 issues are already being noted

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

What were you thinking??Well reports are rolling in for patch 1.12.1 – for such a little update number, the headaches are hitting end game players hardest.

It turns out that the new rules for riding have unexpected loop holes. The plan was for riding skills to go up in value and cost while mounts when down in cost. If you already had an epic mount, you get grandfathered in. As it turns out, if you are level 59, they are screwed. oops.

More disconcerting the new bug for Raid members. If you are on a raid and get disconnected for any reason, you return to your hearthstone location instead of the raid. ouch.

Never thought I’d be grateful to be a solo player with a wimpy mount. sigh. go Blizzard