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At Last! Something useful to do with Second Life! Brilliant!

Sunday, September 24th, 2006


I’ve dabbled in Second Life, but couldn’t find much to do that had lasting enjoyment. After I toured around looking at everyone’s nifty creations, I realized all the neat stuff had to be purchased from someone. Blah.

In case you missed it, SL is one of the few other MMORGS that has Mac and PC clients. It cost $10 to join for life and you can build nearly anything in-game.

Anyway, I found this article (see below.) Apparently some guilds discovered that SL is a great place to plan raids (see the screenshot below) like a war room. It’s a pretty sexy idea. Add Vent and that’s a pretty dynamic remote planing tool.

Which brings me to my point there’s a point?. What if Guilds used SL for guild halls? You all get together and buy some of their virtual land. Build a structure you like (the sky is literally the limit.) Post text from DKP’s and bank inventory for people to see. Hold meetings. Plan Raids and BG campaigns.

I know you could just get one of the free guild web sites, but none of them are interactive at this level plus you get to fly. This could be fun and add to the guild value.

At Last! Something useful to do with Second Life!: “Sean Bonner:

Planning WoW instances in SL

I’ve written before about my less than glowing feelings about Second Life. I’ve got friends who practically live there, and guildies who spend tons of time on their own island but everytime I check it out I leave disappointed and wondering ‘ok, so… ?’ Well, some folks on the alliance side of We K(no)W finally figured out something useful to do there – plan raids during Tuesday downtime. Above is my Avatar standing on the UBRS map with a few notations. I’ll admit I only lasted a few minutes in there again this time, but at least it was interesting finally!

(Via Metroblogging Azeroth.)

Guild Halls…Hmm

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006


There is a long running discusion at Metroblogging Azeroth about guild halls.

The key issue is real estate. Where would Blizzard put guild halls so that the world didn’t get filled up with guild halls. While there are numerous other issues of concern, such as the economics of storing additional items in a guild bank/strong box instead of the bank, real estate is really the most serious issue.

One thought that I had was to have multiple distributed instances (like instance dungeons). Rather than just one (potentially crowded) instanced gateway perhaps Blizzard could use some of those vacant buildings in each of their cities and sell access to one as a guild hall. Say your guild officers find a nice place in the Dwarven Quarter of Stormwind and have 500 gold to buy a guild instance there.

I don’t even begin to know what would be in a guild hall (swimming pools and masseuses) but at least it would provide one more thing high level characters to spend money on. It might be nice to have a dragon kill point scoreboard or a stat board for Raids and loot. It might be nice if there was an in game message board for wish lists and help requests.

What do you think?

Metroblogging Azeroth: Do you Vent?

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006


Great Discussion of Ventrilo for new Mac users. Read on…

Metroblogging Azeroth: Do you Vent?: “Do you Vent?
posted by Bendyr at 6:09 PM on September 05, 2006

I have to admit that I have always been a little bit hesitant about using external clients like Ventrilo or Teemspeex while WoWing. For those of you unaware, Ventrilo and Teemspeex are two popular Voice over IP clients that allow a group of players to communicate via voice chat using a third party program running in the background. While my initial protests involved technical aspects like possibly impacting my already crappy framerate and latency given my horrible hardware, I have to admit that I was probably a little more hesitant about saying something stupid that couldn’t be deleted (or even worse, could be recorded and become a minor internet phenomenon). Though my main is part of a fairly casual guild that has not yet found the need for massive coordination, I have started a ‘twink’ character in the 29 battlgrounds who has joined a specifically twink-oriented guild on my server in order to make premade raids. After a month or two of playing in silence, they strongly suggested I set up Ventrilo so as to better contribute to and streamline the team’s battleground performance. I took the plunge and downloaded the latest Ventrilo client for Mac, and decided to finally see what all the fuss was about.

Though it took some fiddling to get my Vent setup correct, I finally got it working with my mic, and found a key binding I liked for Push-To-Talk functions (the unused ‘option’ key on Apple Keyboards). I had to change some other things, like running with the Warcraft sound off (of course), and not running the game in fullscreen mode so I could still see my Vent window so I’d know who was talking (at least until I got used to matching voices with toons).

From the first Arathi Basin run I did with Vent running, I was pretty much blown away. I had been completely oblivious to the primary channel of my guild’s communication for so long, I was suddenly aware of how coordinated we could be with the voice channel. Though I was pretty hesitant to speak at first (for the aforementioned fear of notoriety), I could immediately take advantage of the instructions and alerts people were barking out in short, efficient messages. As I got more used to voicing my opinions and alerts on Vent, I became a much better node defender. Obviously when you get ambushed, it’s not very efficient to have to suddenly hit ‘/’, ‘g’, ‘z’, ‘o’, ‘m’, ‘g’, ‘ ‘, ‘r’, ‘o’, ‘g’,’u’, ‘e’, ‘ ‘, ‘i’, ‘n’,’c’, ‘ ‘, ‘b’, ‘s’; while it’s very easy to turn around and bash the rogue while swearing information over ventrilo. I had no noticeable increase in latency or decrease in fps performance, even on my POS hardware.

The other, unexpected but not unwelcome aspect of Ventrilo was the new dimension it added to the social aspect of WoW. While I had always enjoyed the levity and clever comments people toss into guild chat, the banter and camraderie was multiplied by hearing other people assent or immediately react to what you’re saying and doing. In-between BGs, our vent room is full of musings about a variety of topics in-game and out; and it’s not nearly as sophomoric as I had feared (although still just-sophomoric enough to be funny). After hearing a guildie’s Ozzy twang, I found out he was from Brisbane. Hearing another guildie yawn during what was an afternoon game for me eventually revealed that he was an American expat in Hong Kong.

My experience with Vent has been extremely favorable, and it has made my BG experience more enjoyable and personal. I don’t know that I’d recommend it for everyone; I have female friends that are extremely coy about revealing their gender in-game for fear of being treated different or even harassed. The quick reactions people have over vent probably leads to more profanity than normal typed guild chat, so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger players, either. Furthermore, if you’re like me and rely on the WoW sound effects sometimes to augment your playstyle, you’ll need to either get used to playing with WoW muted or invest in a headset. Still, if you’ve ever been apprehensive or curious about what it’s like on the vocal side, I have been there, and it is good.”

Mac friendly guilds

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Picture 6.png

Now that we are getting about 500 visitors a day, I would like to encourage more community building.

If you are a member of a guild that is Mac friendly and recruiting, please post a comment with your guild name, realm and the name of a recruiter.

The more we work together, the more influence we can have with Blizzard and the makers of Ventrilo.

Come on. It only takes a minute.

‘Death and Taxes’ strikes again

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006

If you haven’t heard, the guild ‘Death and Taxes’ has quite a reputation for being the first guild to take down the new bosses in each patch update. These guys are very dedicated. Check out the details below.

Death and Taxes is Too Darn Good: ”

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Yeah, I just got pulled out of my BRD run to tell you: Death and Taxes has downed Sapphiron for another world first. Don’t these guys ever take a day off? Their website is probably downed as well, but here it is if you can reach it. Grats to them on the world first of Sapphiron.

P.S. When stuff like this happens, we love (really love) to get your tips about it. Feel free to use the ‘Send us news tips’ link on the sidebar. It’ll reach us even faster than leaving a comment. Thanks!

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(Via WOW Insider.)

Who’s your guild baby?

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Hey this site is for the Mac Gamer so let’s strut our stuff.

Who’s your toon? Kurneedisil
What’s your Guild? (Free agent)
What’s your realm? Lothar

How about you?

Make sure you say hi when you see a Mac Wow player!

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