Fly like an eagle, or what ever this thing is

Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Big bird

Big bird

This weekend my Druid Eillebill hit level 68 and gained Flight Form! I’ve wanted this since level 32, but it’s even better than I imagined. I can hit a hot-key and poof I’m flying. No delay time like my mount. I can float in the air indefinitely. Pretty cool.

While you can’t become a bird in combat, you can swoop in, bug someone and fly off. I suspect that if I get hit hard enough, I’ll be forced to change, but that has not been the case with other forms. As long as you are not touching the ground, most things can’t hit you (Fel Cannons being an big exception. Yes. You can be shot down.)

One thing that has been super cool is the cherry picking you can do on herbs. I just turn on my detect herbs ability and fly over an area. When the little yellow blip appears, I swoop from the sky at terminal velocity. I grab the herbs and take off. Often times, the local mobs don’t even bother me, or I can fly back up before it gets messy.

So what’s the biggest annoyance. The head on the flight form looks like a werewolf with sideburns.